Dragon Seahorse

Dotwork and watercolor illustration of a Dragon Seahorse busy being unique

Created for the Peer-to-Peer Community Collection on Gamma.io, the leading NFT marketplace on Stacks.
Equity, noun: the situation in which everyone is treated fairly according to their needs and no group of people is given special treatment.

What is the whole point, the long term goal of being seen and heard, of being equals at work, at home, in life? The answer, to me, is quite simple: equity. I dream of a world where standing out and speaking up isn’t a pre-requisite to being heard. Where however we identify, we are equals. But to get there, steps must be taken, minds must be opened, and new ways must be learned. So how can we help achieve the goal of an equal and inclusive world?
At Gamma, we believe art is a powerful tool. And as builders in Web3, we try to push forward principles of decentralization and sovereignty—a true, equitable, peer-to-peer network and user-owned internet where everyone has a fair and just seat at the table. So with this Peer-to-Peer Community Collection, we invite artists to share their representation, past, present and future, here, there, anywhere, of gender equity. Submissions will be selected and curated by a panel of Stacks artists, who will each also contribute a piece to the collection. The completed collection will be minted next month, where 100% of the collection’s mint proceeds will go to the International Women’s Day Charity Alliance, to support their mission to raise awareness and move toward an equal world.